Charles Prescott
Chester See as Chuck
Full Name
Charles Xavier Prescott
Date of Birth
November 6, 1983
Prescott Enterprises
  ●   Mother: 
Lillian Prescott (deceased)
  ●   Father: 
Robert Prescott (deceased)
  ●   Sister(s): 
  ●   Spouse: 
Unnamed ex-wife(divorced)
Veronica (divorced)
Elizabeth Duncan (girlfriend)
Frederick Windsor (cousin)
Isabella Windsor (niece)
Brooke Rivers (goddaughter)
New York City

Chuck Prescott is Elizabeth's boyfriend and Hannah's stepbrother.


Chuck was born in november 1984, in the marriage between billionaire Robert Prescott and Lillian Prescott. His unloving mother died when he was 10, and his father remarried Sandra Baker shortly after. For six years, they lived happily together in Silent Hill, a suburb of New Haven, Connecticut. He had the perfect life until his stepmother died from breast cancer. Depression hit him, and he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. He got better when he met Elizabeth, even proposing to her after their graduation. But he got cold feet, backed off and moved to New York. There he lived for ten years, working at his fathers company.

Twelve years later, his best friend Andrew Hamilton gets murdered and Chuck gets a letter that that will be his faith too. Forensic evidence shows the envelope was send from his back-together-again-girlfriend Beth. After a tip from her partner Alicia she goes into hiding, and Chuck invites her to stay at his hotel. The killer comes after

his father gets murdered and Chuck has been stalked by the same man. He is taken in protection by the MVO-Unit of the FBI. Unbeknownst to him, his protector is Elizabeth, who works on the team. She acts cold towards him, but when they flee the city to escape from the killer, they warm up to each other.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Chuck has the wealthy and classic style his family's money has given him. His mother came from the British royal family, and she gave him the typical style of old money. He has black hair, brown eyes and a light skin.

He usually dresses up in a suit, as he is a businessman and he must look professional, but in his spare time he likes to wear jeans and t-shirts, which, according to Elizabeth, complement his abs.


Chuck normally lives in a big apartment in New York City, but during and after his fathers case, he moves the complete business to Washington DC, where he shares an apartment with Elizabeth.