Claire Louise Prescott

Claire Louise Prescott is Chuck's sister, and Hannah's stepsister.


She is a very rich girl, but has gone completely out of control after the death of her mother, and when she was fourteen and her step mom died too, she started using drugs and eventually forcing her own brother into having sex with her. After Robert finds out she forced her brother to have sex with her and she confessed that she killed someone who tried to become popular, she and her friend Madison are send to boarding school on the first of December, hereby escaping the battle against the Invicti. She is shown to have calmed down a little during the holiday in Monaco, acting normal to Beth and Chuck. She goes back to boarding school and her father even visits her when he is in town. At the end she is mentioned to live in London with her best friend Alicia and her father. She also goes to college there.

Appearance and styleEdit

Claire dresses like a wealthy girl, she inherited her moms style and clothes. During days, she likes to wear a lot of natural colors and "normal" clothes. Of course, when she goes to boarding school, she has to wear a uniform.


In the beginning, Claire lives at Prescott Manor with her family. When send to boarding school, she lives there. It is mentioned she goes to college in London with Alicia. There she lives with her father, who keeps an eye on her.