Grayson McNeil
Jamie Dornan as Grayson
Date of Birth
Serial killer
  ●   Mother: 
Unnamed mother (deceased)
  ●   Father: 
Finn McNeil (deceased)

Grayson McNeil is a serial killer, targeting families who he believed to have betrayed their own families.

Early HistoryEdit

He was the son of an extremely wealthy businessman, who shot his mother in front of him when he was eleven. He was admitted into a mental health facility two years later, but was released when he was eighteen. He killed his father and Lillian Prescott when he got out, but was never caught. He got a job as a divorce lawyer after finishing law school and picked out his victims at his job. He moved around a lot, and the cases were never connected because they were all committed in different states. He first murdered the wife, a few years before the husband to see him grieving. After he had the feeling the husband wasn't grieving anymore, he would target the husband and kill him. A week before he kills them, he would sent them pictures of their dead wives, hinting he would kill them.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown location: Finn McNeil, his father
  • Unknown location: Unnamed senator
  • New York City, New York: Robert Prescott
  • Washington DC: Supreme court judge Ellie McThomas
  • Washington DC: Charles Prescott (attempted)
  • Numerous unnamed victims (stalked only)