Hannah Baker
Sienna Miller as Hannah
Full Name
Hannah Juliet Baker
Date of Birth
July 9, 1985
Fashion designer
Hannah Baker Inc
  ●   Mother: 
Sandra Baker (deceased)
  ●   Father: 
Unknown film producer
Robert Prescott (deceased)
  ●   Sister(s): 
Claire Prescott (stepsister)
  ●   Brother(s): 
Charles Prescott (stepbrother)
  ●   Spouse: 
Alex Rivers (fiancee)
  ●   Children: 
Brooke Rivers (daughter)
New York City

Hannah is Chuck's and Claire's stepsister and Beth's best friend. She origins from Los Angeles, California, and is the daughter of a young actress and an older film director, who had an relationship. Her father doesn't want anything to do with her, so when she was 16 and her mother died, she stayed with her stepfather Robert and his two children.

After graduation, she moved to New York City to study at FIT. She and Elizabeth continued their friendship while she was in Afghanistan. Just after Elizabeth came back Hannah launched her first collection with Hannah Baker Inc, her own label, which was a huge success.

When her stepfather was murdered, she goes to DC and reunites with her family, from which she was estranged. She and Elizabeth visit very often, and Elizabeth helps her with her loss. Hannah stays with Elizabeth until Beth gets back together with Chuck. She leaves because she doesn't want to bother them.

Hannah and Alicia are shown to get along very well, joking about Beth and Chuck and laughing together.

She is engaged to Alex Rivers and pregnant with his child. In the last scene before the flash-forward, she gives birth to a daughter they name Brooke. Alex and Hannah ask Beth to be Brooke's godmother.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Hannah has a light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is about 5"9, which makes her very tall. She usually wears clothes from her own label, but occasionally (mostly when she has an event) she buys something expensive from brands like Chanel or Prada. Her clothes are always in basic colors like black, white, grey, burgundy and navy. Her usual outfit consists of skinny jeans, an oversized t-shirt and a blazer.  


Hannah lives in a modern apartment in midtown New York, she also has her atelier and office there. During the case she is staying with Beth, but moves to a hotel when Chuck and Beth become involved.